Online Teachers for 3rd & 4th Grade Reading and Writing Classes

  • Teach 4th Grade Reading classes in an online environment;
  • The students are Chinese children who are able to communicate in English.
  • Class schedule will set up according to teachers' timeframe;
  • Teachers are expected to create lessons and LPs, and grade students' homework;
  • 60 minutes for a class and one class meets once a week;

Desired Skills and Expertise

  • A recognized degree and a teaching qualification at graduate level in the area of Subject proficiency;
  • Ideally three years’ proven teaching success in grade school in the U.S.;
  • Ability to plan, deliver and evaluate own lessons with an emphasis on stimulating and motivating students to learn;
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work collaboratively;
  • Commitment to excellence in education;
  • Adaptability, flexibility, dynamism and a sense of humour.
  • Computer skills: MS office / Powerpoint

Open positions:

  1. Phonics teachers;
    6 students a group, 60 minutes a class

  2. Science teachers for elementary school age students;
    6 students a group, 60 minutes a class

  3. Reading and Writing teachers for 3rd-6th graders;
    6 students a group, 60 minutes a class

  4. History teachers for American History class;

  5. Scratch teacher / Programming / coding teachers for children;

  6. ESL/EFL teachers for Let's Go classes;
    4-6 students a group, 40-60 minutes a class

  7. ESL/EFL teachers for Side by Side classes;
    6 students a group, 60 minutes a class

  8. Teachers / tutors for one on one spoken English class;

Desired Skills & Experience

  1. Native American English speaker;
  2. Hold Bachelor’s degree with 3+ year classroom teaching background preferred; (We welcome retired teachers!)
  3. Be able to create lessons and prepare lesson plans;
  4. Love teaching! Sincerity, patience, self-motivation, self-management, positive attitude, and the most of all, be punctual.
  5. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate are required for the positions of 6, 7, and 8, with teaching background in kindergarten or elementary school are highly preferred;
  6. 2 years experience in teaching Scratch in online or classroom circumstances for programming /coding teachers.
Contact us:

Skype: sunnychinesesys

Welcome to iusEnglish, a premier on-line school that specializes in teaching English to school-aged Chinese children from the ages of seven to fifteen. Our prestigious online school offers students and teachers the ability to connect one-on-one in oral practice lessons or in group classes with lessons focusing on English reading and writing.

Students are provided ample opportunities to improve their English grammar, reading, writing, and conversational skills while learning in a dynamic array of courses. Besides reading, writing and English grammar courses, students may also choose to improve their use of the English language by enrolling in our science classes, history classes, book clubs, and other such classes designed with the purpose of strengthening the student’s use of the English language.

All our classes are carried out on a live-video classroom platform. Students and teachers can talk, view class materials, share media, and annotate at the same time. The classes are lively, fun and educational.

Our school is growing fast. We have stable student resources, and we have successfully created unique teaching methods and curriculums, which are highly appreciated by the students and their parents. Because of our incredible growth, we are now looking for more quality teachers to join us. Teachers are able to work from the comfort of their own homes in the hours and days of their choosing. The benefits of joining iusEnglish are innumerable. Besides earning extra income, teachers are rewarded by watching the continual progress of their students week by week. It is a win-win situation, and we hope you will consider joining our team.

Hiring Process

  1. Interview;
  2. Internet and computer test;
  3. Observe classes if needed;
  4. Training 1: Learn to use the video classroom;
  5. Demo class;
  6. Training -test;
  7. Sign contract;
  8. Teaching practicum;
  9. Full-fledged teacher.

Teaching in, post from a teacher in iusEnglish

Teaching English to foreigners on line has been an exciting adventure. I have met many new friends, gained insight on other cultures, learned more teaching strategies, and made some extra income while having fun doing so. Before joining the team at iusEnglish, I had taught online sessions in other teaching platforms. I had sessions with students from China, Russia, Portugal, Iran, Belarus, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Spain, Brazil, and Algeria. I can truly say that iusEnglish students are the most receptive, friendly, and enjoyable to teach.

Of course teaching is my passion, but making some extra money is the real reason I first chose this endeavor. I began my journey with iusEnglish a few years ago. When I started teaching for iusEnglish, I was also teaching full time at a non-profit school that trained educators, so I only had weekend hours available. That was my starting point in this journey. Now, I have married and moved away from the college in which I was teaching. Presently, I teach for iusEnglish six days a week. To say that I love teaching for iusEnglish is an understatement. Everyday is an adventure; I look forward to each class I teach. I love my job, and I love my students.

In order to earn extra income in the past, I have run paper routes, tried to sell Mary Kay, donated plasma, became a care giver for a handicapped lady, and have taken on part time temporary jobs whenever they became available. This is by far the easiest and most enjoyable way to supplement one’s income. The best part of it all is that I can teach in the privacy of my own home. My husband is delighted with the extra income I bring to our budget. We are working to pay off our home, and I get to help without ever facing the pressures of a job outside the home.

As you can tell, I love my job. I can even go so far as to say that I would consider my joining the iusEnglish team as one of the five best decisions of my life. I feel "at home" with the students and with the school administrator. In fact, I consider the students and staff as my second family. I would highly recommend your consideration in joining us. I know how much this opportunity has helped me, and I hope the same for others.

Thank you, iusEnglish! You made a huge difference in my life, and I owe you a lifetime of gratitude!

--iusEnglish teacher *:) happy

Kevin Baker • Venturing out and teaching online is a fairly unstable market right now. It seems like those that I have helped to get started will go in stages - on occasion having more students than they can handle to wondering if there are any ESL students left in the world. I currently teach group online classes, but they are hard to come by. The school I am working with now is the first I've seen to effectively create and maintain group classes. The lady who runs the company spends a huge amount of time maintaining relationships with the students and ensuring that each student comes to class online. I've never seen anyone as committed to making it work. Without the help of someone like that, it will be very hard to find group classes online. I would start with just getting your feet wet. There are many sites out there to sign up on and test the waters. I usually point people to to start with. As mentioned earlier in this thread, I have a video series to help people get started with teaching English online. I would only recommend getting it after you are sure you are committed to doing it. The series will take you step-by-step through the process of successfully teaching online. It's helped about 80 people to date. (From Linkedin: How has online teaching been going for you )

Your school is teacher friendly, student friendly, and successful. I would welcome any consideration you may be able to give me to teach in your school in the future. Please stay in touch.

M. Ross

Q: How many students does a teacher have in each class?
A: IUS has one-on-one classes and group classes. For a group class, there are 2-6 students in a group.

Q: Do I need to prepare teaching materials?
A: When teaching one-on-one classes, teachers will use the materials which have been created by the IUS curriculum team. When teaching group classes, teachers may need to prepare materials for the lesson. When this is the case, the teacher will be compensated for the extra work.

Q: Do teachers need to communicate with parents?
A: No, the IUS admin team will communicate with parents.

Q: Do teachers always teach the same students?
A: Children don't like to change teachers frequently. Each subscription contains 20 sessions, so within a subscription a teacher should expect to meet the same students every week at the same time. We have some students who have learned from the same teachers over 3 years! This is a great benefit, for the teachers will be able to see the students’ progress.

Q: Do classes take place on Skype or another platform?
A: IUS has developed a unique education platform to facilitate the one-on-one classes and group classes.

Q: What is the pay rate?
A: For teaching the one-on-one classes, pay is calculated on a per-class basis. The base pay is between 4 to 6 dollars per 30 minute class. The base pay will be determined by the performance in the demo class. For teaching the group classes, the pay is calculated differently. The base pay is 12 dollars per hour, with additional money being earned by the number of students which attend the class as well as by the outside work of the teacher in creating lessons or grading homework submissions.

Q: How and when will teachers be paid?
A: Teachers are paid through Paypal or a bank on Tuesday of each week.

Q: When renewing a contract, can teachers qualify for a raise?
A: Teachers will be re-evaluated for a raise at the point of renewal.

Q: How long is the contract? Can teachers take breaks during the contract?
A: No contract period, but IUS need one month's notification in advance for resignation. Teachers may take 2 non-consecutive weeks off for vacation, as long as they inform IUS 2 weeks in advance. A teacher may also request a day’s leave of absence for emergencies or illness, but he or she must give a 24-hour notice to the students. (More information about this is available in the policies and rules section.) In addition, teachers will have unpaid holiday time during the Chinese holidays celebrated by the students.

Q: How long is each class?
A: Each one-on-one class consists of 25 minutes of active teaching time. Each group class consists of 55 minutes of active teaching time. After that, teachers may take 5 minutes to write class notes and transfer to the difference classrooms.

Q: How does scheduling work?
A. Teachers post availabilities in the IUS booking system, so that the students are able to book classes with the teachers. When a student books a class, there will be at least 24 hours before the class starts. Daily emails will inform the teacher about the next day’s class schedule, but it's always good to check the class schedule portal in the teacher center.

Q: What hours should teachers be available to teach?
A: IUS doesn't require a minimum number of classes per week, but we do need the teachers to offer stable schedules. Peak hours are between 6-10 P.M. Beijing time, and 8-11 A.M. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: Is there a maximum number of hours a teacher could teach?
A: A popular teacher is able to have as many classes as he or she would like. IUS will help to promote the new teachers to get more students, but we make no guarantees that a teacher will have a certain number of classes.